Forever YoungEdit

  • RATED: T (Teen)
  • THEME: Romance & Drama
  • WORLD: House Of Anubis

The Students of The Anubis Boarding School,They Face Various Challenges of Life such as poor self image, peer pressure, child abuse, sexual identity, gang violence, self harm, teenage pregnancy, and drug use.The 25 Years passed which means A New Chosen One.New Goals and a special group we all love: Sibuna, The Search for The Cup Of Ankh Starts.....NOW.


  • Students of Anubis House
    • Marie
    • Rachel
    • Izzy
    • Pinkney
    • Theresa
    • Liam
    • Drew
    • Michael
    • Ryder
  • Students of Hathor House
    • Haley
    • Bianca
    • Bella
    • Diana
    • Sam
    • Blaine
    • Artie
    • Kurt
  • Students of Isis House
    • Veronica
    • Jennifer
    • Alaisia
    • Jane
    • Morgan
    • Adam
    • Tyler
    • Blake
  • Students of Mutt House
    • Liv
    • Cotton
    • Alba
    • Nakiyah
    • Bailey
    • Red
    • Dan (Bunny)
    • Dan (Bing)
    • Abby Harris

Chapter GuideEdit


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